Our Strategic Plan

Our Board of Directors, key stakeholders and staff recently completed a three-year strategic plan that will guide us to our 50th anniversary in 2020. We have an innovative, integrated and clear roadmap to become the leading nonprofit in the region to best address the challenges people in Northeast Ohio face now and well into the future. A key component is integration: no matter what door a client comes through; we will offer our full menu of services. Equally important is innovation. Smart and well thought out new approaches to solving problems is key to developing life-changing solutions.


Financial Health & Sustainability: The Centers has the financial resources necessary to invest long-term in best
serving our clients and the community.

Infrastructure: Facilities and Technology: Our facilities and use of technology advance the standards of
quality, innovation, and customer service we deliver.

Staff Talent & Board Leadership: The Centers is the employer of choice for diverse professionals in all of our service
areas, and has an inclusive, high-performing board.

Workforce & Workplace Development: Unemployed or underemployed individuals are prepared for and
placed on promising career paths, and employers build and retain a productive and stable workforce.

Early Learning & Family Support: Children and families make the most of the critical first 2000 days of life to be
healthy, kindergarten-ready and prepared to succeed in school and life.

Integrated Health Care Model: Access is expanded for existing and new clients to a more fully developed integrated
model of care that includes behavioral health, primary care, pharmacy, substance abuse/addiction services and wellness.

Growth & Integrated Services: The Centers is more client centered, providing increased access to coordinated
services that improve outcomes.